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Boris Dalstein

boris (at) vgc.io

Hi there, I'm Boris!

I'm the founder of VGC, a startup based in Lyon, France.

I like to create all sort of things, and give them life :-)

― Biography ―

A picture is worth a thousand words

I was born in Nancy, France, in 1988, but I only stayed there for the first two years of my life: my parents had the great idea to move to a much sunnier city, Perpignan, where I actually grew up.

I discovered CG art when I was about 13, and little by little, it became a passion when I was in high school. At some point, I considered CG art as a potential career path, but the truth was... my drawing skills were really weak. Hence I decided to keep it as a hobby instead, and focus on studying Mathematics then Computer Science.

After high school, I've spent three years in the highly demanding Classes Prépas (a specificity of French education), the first year in Perpignan, and the last two years in Toulouse. This got me admitted at ENS de Lyon in a 4-year program corresponding to the end of my bachelor's degree and to my master's degree. A great aspect of ENS de Lyon is that students are allowed to study at other Universities and still validate these as credits. I used this opportunity to study Computer Graphics for one semester at ETH Zurich, during which I also did a research internship at Disney Research Zurich, then I studied one year at University Grenoble-Alpes, where I completed my Master. In 2012, I started my PhD program in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, during which I did two internships at Pixar Animation Studios: 6 months in 2015, and one year in 2016-2017. I completed both my PhD program and my second internship at Pixar in September 2017. In October 2017, I founded a start-up called VGC, where I am developing next-gen technology for vector graphics and 2D animation.

Education and professional experience

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